Classic Japan

serie of Architecture films start in February


“Episode 1: Yoyogi National Gymnasium I & II

- 1964” (03:42) - 2015 // “Episode 2: Kyoto

Conference Hall - 1966” (04:10) // “Episode 3:

Kagawa Prefectual Gouvernment Hall - 1958”

(02:47)- 2015

Currently founding research.

“Classic Japan” is a series of short

film (approx 5min), focus on Post

War and Modernism Architecture

in Japan.

Study time is from 1955 to 1970.

This project comes from the desire

to share with young generation of

architects and architecture student

some Masterpieces of this rich period

for architecture history. Those

series offer also a unique view, on

how the buildings cross the time.

Trough those video, people can

feel also the contrast that those

historical building can have with

the actual life style change and city


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